My journey into the property tax world began in 1998 in San Antonio, TX. As I learned the ins and outs of the business, it became apparent that there were many stones unturned in the marketplace — both financial and relational. I knew there had to be a better way of not only identifying overlooked savings, but also creating an organization that was more focused on superior client service and building relational equity with our clients and partners.


As I grew my knowledge about the industry, I devised a plan on how to turn the vision of a company based on service and relationships into reality. My purpose became a reality when I opened the doors of J. Joseph Consulting – or JJC. Our purpose is turning property tax liabilities into profits. Our success is derived from our values — prudent, persistent, creative, ethical, collaborative, generous, and discerning — all which shape the culture creating an atmosphere for JJC team members to perform.


At JJC, we focus on two things: results and maintaining relationships with our clients and those with whom we work. One of our biggest strengths, of which I take a great deal of pride, is our people. Our talented team exhausts every avenue as we strive for the best possible results for our clients, remaining transparent with how we carry out our business. Beginning with one steel company, our diverse client base now includes global corporations in industries such as oil and gas, steel, chemical production, food manufacturing, solar energy and many others.


As leaders in business, I firmly believe we have a responsibility to set an example in our community. In addition to our team participating with local groups, I also have the honor and privilege to serve in a non-profit board member capacity. Through our family foundation, we have the ability to express our heart for philanthropy which is also core to our purpose at JJC. We believe that what we do as a company cannot only enrich our clients, but also people and communities across the globe.


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization.