Like most industries, distribution is transforming at breakneck speed. Customer expectations and buying habits have adapted quickly to digital, presenting retailers with new competitors, new customer service challenges, and of course, new opportunities. In an inventory-taxable jurisdiction, one of the more prominent challenges is the valuation of inventory and how to apply a mitigation strategy based on the characteristics. Our team can work with you to not only evaluate your inventory situation, but to strategize a plan for the best possible outcome.


In the manufacturing realm, regardless of the goods and services you provide, you face issues exclusive to the industrial sector. The environment is tough — shifting demands, regulatory pressures, global competition, infrastructure costs — but it is also full of opportunity. Because cost accounting is a fundamental requirement for achieving success when taking advantage of these opportunities, controlling costs is a must. When it comes to your manufacturing machinery and equipment, appraisal and/or assessment districts don’t always consider every type of obsolescence when applying depreciation. Our Industrial Complex team can help provide a Trendulation™ report based on your facility operating metrics in order to strategize an appeal above and beyond the standard depreciation matrix. We can also help with inventory valuations with methods like “cost does not always equal value” — controlling the cost of property tax and providing strategic planning for your supply chain and inventory management.


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